Battle of the Music Directors

2 extraordinary music supervisors. 3 brave production music directors from top Hollywood libraries. One hour to find the perfect tracks for the supes. Who can survive Battle Of The Music Directors?

The two music supes each make up a brief for a track they desperately need for a project. At the start of the panel their briefs are given to the three music directors. The music directors have just five minutes to prepare playlists for the music supes… and present the tracks to them in front of a live audience!

While the music directors are busy preparing their playlists, the music supes will be engaged with the moderator on discussing the challenges of giving out briefs, and common problems they encounter in getting submissions.

Then each music supe will listen and critique the playlist choices of the music directors. The library directors will get a chance to submit tracks as their final pitch (it can be different to the ones they already submitted)

The supes will then select the winning entry for their brief!

This panel will give insights into the processes central to the placement of production music – responding to briefs for music, and selecting the right musical choices for your clients.

Location: Main Room Date: September 27, 2018 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Alan Lazar Maggie Phillips Jason Markey Belinda Robles Mark Rome Ieva Berberian