International Sub-Pub Meeting

  1. The international meeting

    The meeting will address matters of common interest and concern for our many global attendees and their US production music partners. This meeting aims to advance our conference theme of “Creating Global Value. Forward Together.”


    1. Current legal initiatives
      1. EU Copyright directive.
        1. EU Parliament voted on Sept. 12 Summarize the issues and report on what happens next and next steps.
      2. The Music Modernization Act.
        1. The Act is likely to become law in the US in the years to come. A representative from the NMPA will be addressing its impact at the main PMA Membership meeting, however any further questions from the global community can be discussed, if needed.
        2. Summary of the Act and I can explain it and take any questions.
    2. Worldwide licensing 
      1. Worldwide performance deals.
        1. Many clients are asking for worldwide performance deals, but the societies are slow to respond. How can we achieve a strong, unified worldwide push on this issue?
      2. Residual mechanical rights in broadcasting vs. Mechanical buyouts
      3. Global sync deals
      4. Incomplete blanket deals with missing rights needed by broadcasters
      5. BIEM Composer’s worldwide society assignment
      6. Neighbouring rights
    3. Fingerprinting
      1. Is there a way to get PROs to agree on a performance detection submission standard?
        1. Idea would be that no matter which tech is being used by submitting libraries, there could be an agreed-upon format to handle submission of and payment on digitally ID’d performances.  Basically a CWR for detections.
      2. experience of the audience in using detection services to claim for royalties.
    4. Non-exclusive Retitling
      1. Joe to show the in-process PRO survey during the int’l meeting and make sure any gaps/uncertainties are addressed before we present during the member meeting @PMC.  Many territories still waiting for PRO response as this is a new issue to them.
    5. Facebook agreement.
      1. Description of the US agreement.
      2. Does it include neighbouring rights?
      3. What happens for libraries not part of the NMPA without the HFA opt-in.
    6. Copyright infringement cases
      1. Description of the different types of problems: samples, different terms of protection in each country, references to bands/movies etc.
      2. Protection? Insurance, contractual clauses between publishers and sub-publishers
    7. Technical aspects of registration 
      1. Summary of the best practices from the workshop (separate panel)
    8. Witholding taxes
      1. What do local sub-publishers around the world require from US catalogs to avoid withholding tax at source? What key documents should US catalogs have on hand to facilitate this.
      2. The name of the form is __________________________________
    9. Update on the AudioJungle case
    10. How can the Production Music Conference improve to make it an even better option for global attendees. Get comments from the audience, composers, publishers, others.
    11. Long term value of royalties
      1. How best to educate composers about the long-term value of performance and mechanical revenues.  Check with Andrew about the document he is working on.
      2. Point out the issue of what happens when they sign up with a society later on or use a false name, etc.
      3. Get established composers to stand up and talk about financial security and the ongoing annuity over time.

Location: Main Room Date: September 28, 2018 Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Adam Taylor Martin Nedved Joe Saba Juliette Metz