The 4 M’s: Music, Metadata, Marketing and Money

Getting the right metadata on track titles and album projects is most essential. Maximize your music library results by understanding the process of effective metadata creation by hearing industry experts in an open forum discussion, along with on-screen metadata examples utilizing a pre-formatted spreadsheet template and musical references.

The main focus of this discussion is aimed toward production music, but will also be effective in other areas of music creativity.

Music libraries mostly understand the concepts of the metadata process, but what if composers were educated in creating effective metadata for the works they compose. If they better understood this process would it aid in more effective music composition from the ground up? And furthermore, could it help music libraries with this extremely detailed and involved process? Solid and powerful metadata translates to ‘money’.

30 minutes – ‘Metadata Creation’ and panel discussion with on-screen examples.

Discuss and show examples of the process, utilizing a metadata spreadsheet template on- screen, along with musical examples. Becoming the ultimate ‘wordsmith’ with metadata creation – the key element.

Getting the right track title and track description – it all begins here.

Finding the most effective album project keywords and the most appropriate track keywords to ensure clarity for the screen editor and end-user.

Defining an album description and album styles.

Writing a track genre description.

Working on the mile-long metadata spreadsheet of data input – the mamma mia factor.

The importance of creative ‘album artwork’, and library branding.

Money – dictated by solid and useful music output and meticulous metadata.

30 minutes – ‘Audience workshop segment’ / Q & A

Audience will participate in the creation and execution of keywords and descriptions working from a few musical examples – an engaging and educational hands-on experience. 

Location: Main Room Date: October 6, 2017 Time: 11:20 am - 12:20 pm Art Phillips John Clifford Cassie Lord Hamish Diver Alicen Schneider