Is This The Right Time To Sell My Catalog?

I have been approached and presently represent numerous PMLs interested in selling all or part of their rights. Some catalogs are pursuing operational sales while others are selling their assets. Most enter into this strategy as a means to spending more time composing rather than marketing, sales and admin. They are looking for a partner than can give them a fair price based on their NPS and depending on that partner to advance the catalog value.


Do I have a 5-year plan to build and sell?
Do I want to continue building my catalog after acquisition?
Do I want to sell my business as “operational asset” and walk away?
Are my 3-5 year financials ready for review?
Would a distribution partnership be better than selling my catalog?
Would having my own Sales Rep or team weigh my decision to sell?
Is there ongoing revenue from placements and TV syndication?

We want to see the last 3-5 years of your financials?
What are the top NPS drivers covering at least 75% of the NPS?
How have you been administering publishing assets?
Discography of award-winning songs that have Charted. How long on Charts?
Name of any Major Artists who’ve recorded your songs and respective labels.
The name of all writers and per cent of publishing splits.
Do you have contracts for the cues/songs? Musician releases?
Are there Advances to writers yet to be recouped?
What is your ask for purchase and sale of your catalog?
Who are your major clients?
Do you have sub publishing agreements in place?

Location: Main Room Date: October 6, 2017 Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Jonathan Firstenberg Marc Ferrari John Rudolph Michael J. Perlstein