Writing a Production Music Hit!: Top 10 Elements Every Track Must Have

Learn the tried and true writing techniques that publishers, edits and music supervisors love from a composer with many production music hits!


  1. Immediate Genre Recognition – You’ve only got 3 secs to sync!
  2. Hooks! – Rhythmic, Melodic & Lyrical
  3. Sync-able Moments – Rises, Stops, Drops, Builds…
  4. Easy Edit Points – Such as non-pitched rises, and complete silence drops
  5. Writing with Density for useful stemming later
  6. Choosing the right sounds to sit under dialog – 1k – 4k is sacred territory
  7. Multiple Ending Possibilities Per Track!
  8. Think “TV” – How to Write the perfect sting!
  9. 30 means 28.75, 60 means, 58.75, 90 means 87.75 and so on… This Stuff Matters!!!!
  10. Production Quality Rules Over Composition Chops!

Location: Main Room Date: October 6, 2017 Time: 5:40 pm - 6:40 pm Dan Brown Jr Alan Lazar Abby North Michael Berlin Coleen McMahon Dan Graham