Art Phillips

Managing Director, Composer – 101 Music Pty Ltd

Composer of over 60 production music library albums with companies such as Universal Production Music, FirstCom Music, Bruton, Chappell Recorded Music Library, 5 Alarm Music, Sonoton, One Music, Liquid Cinema, Groovers Music Library, EVO, and in addition to his own music library, 101Music Pty Ltd (101), with over 30 album releases, Art is two-time Emmy Award winner and composer for numerous film and television series across the globe including Santa Barbara, Neighbours, Missing Persons Unit, The Lost Treasure of Fiji and Outback House. He was President of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers from 2001 ~ 2008, served as Vice President from 1992 ~ 2000. In 2016, Art was appointed Deputy Chair of the Academic Board of The Australian Institute of Music (AIM.) He is a councillor for ‘Music Australia’, formerly known as ‘The Music Council of Australia’, representing ‘Music in Film and Television, 2005 ~ current. Art is also International Relations Liaison for the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) and acts for the AGSC with observer status on the MCNA (Music Creators of North America).

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