Derek Jones

Derek is a Grammy nominated sound engineer, producer, musician and composer in the Los Angeles area and is currently in charge of the production department for Megatrax Production Music as well as their world-class recording studios, Megatrax Recording Studios.  Derek works closely with the owners of Megatrax to manage all phases of the production process, from inception to release and everything in between.

In Derek’s 17 year tenure at Megatrax Production Music, he has recorded, mixed and produced over 600 albums of music for licensing in TV and Film.  He has helped launch 4 catalogs for Megatrax (The Scene, Sensacion, Marquee and A-list Music) and recently developed and produces the Track Distillery catalog for Megatrax.

In his work, as in his life, Derek always strives for perfection, never settling for anything less.

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