Dr. Lynne Lummel

Honorary recipient of the 2017 Mark Awards Visionary Award.

Dr. Lynne Lummel recently retired from ASCAP after 28 years. Her last assignment was EVP and Chief Transformation Management Officer responsible for supporting the execution of ASCAP’s six-year plan and strategic objectives. Prior to that she was responsible for Distribution and Repertory, overseeing the matching of hundreds of billions of TV, radio, Internet and other musical performances to ASCAP repertoire and the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars each year. She has been instrumental in bringing video and audio pattern recognition technologies to ASCAP, expanding ASCAP surveys, streamlining operations, improving accuracy and reducing costs. Papers on her work creating self-managing, virtual licensing teams at ASCAP have been published in the JOURNAL OF HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS and REWARD AND RECOGNITION FOR TEAMS (Jossey-Bass). She was honored in BILLBOARD’S 2013 Women in Music edition. She has a doctoral degree from Columbia University, a master’s degree from the University of Florida and a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, where she served on the College of Business Board of Governors.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a professional membership organization of songwriters, composers and music publishers. With over 630,000 members representing more than 10 million copyrighted works, ASCAP protects the rights of its members and foreign affiliates by licensing the public performances of their copyrights works and distributing royalties based upon surveyed performances.


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