Heidi Narholz

Heidi began her career in hotel management before founding SONOTON together with her husband, composer Gerhard Narholz, in 1965. SONOTON was library pioneer in Germany, and Heidi was instrumental in creating and building this brand new market. Early on, when Sonoton expanded internationally, she secured and developed individual relationships with sub-publishers all over the world.

As it became clear that technology would change the landscape of music distribution, Heidi invented a music search program in 1992. Six years later, SONOTON was the first music library catalogue entirely available online in Germany. Working with programmers and designers, Heidi is continuing to develop the interface of music and technology.

SONOTON has grown to be the largest independent provider of production music in the world. It is represented in over 50 countries. Heidi, together with her husband Gerhard, is the CEO of their company.Heidi Narhloz

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