Hunter Williams

Hunter Williams is Executive Vice President of IP and Business Development at SourceAudio, the leading B2B music hosting and delivery platform with over 1,000 music publisher clients and media production clients including Viacom, Starz, Turner, Showtime, iHeart Media and more. Williams heads the company’s music licensing, royalty administration, and monitoring initiatives aimed at helping SourceAudio clients more effectively value and monetize their rights. Prior to SourceAudio, Williams spent 20 years at SESAC culminating in his role as Senior Vice President, Strategic Development/Distribution and Research Operations. During this time, Williams ran all domestic and foreign royalty administration operations and was responsible for the company’s survey methods, performance tracking systems, and royalty payouts for SESAC’s elite roster of songwriters, composers and publishers. His role also included directorship of SESAC’s research and analysis team, which provided the data analysis and strategic guidance behind SESAC’s explosive growth from 1993 to 2013. Under Williams’ leadership, SESAC also pioneered the use of digital audio-recognition technologies to track and pay royalties for performances on radio, television, and new media. His latest venture is music licensing and administration company, Move Music LLC, with his partner and composer extraordinaire, Timothy Andrew Edwards.

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