Juliette Metz

Juliette started in the music business in 1988 at MINO MUSIC which was the publishing company of her uncle RENAUD (French author, composer and singer). She participated in the creation of ENCORE MERCI with her other uncle David Séchan (family business!) in 1995 where she became the Executive Director. ENCORE MERCI is specialized in Production Music. 

Juliette has also been the Chairwoman of CSDEM (French Music Publishers Association) since 2016. 

She was the Chairwoman of the French Production Music Association (ULM) from 2009 to 2014, and has been its Vice-President since 2014. 

Juliette also initiated the Production Music Committee within ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers). She has been the Chairwoman of this Committee from 2014 to 2018. 

She is at the initiative of AMPLI (Alliance de la Musique pour l’Image) which combines 3 associations  (film composers, production music publishers and sound producers for advertising).

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