Margaret Saadi Kramer

Margaret has provided creative and negotiating muscle as both licensor and licensee in the sometimes-complex supervision, consultation, and clearance processes as a manager, label owner, publisher, soundtrack producer, and music supervisor. It’s a perspective that has proven to be an invaluable one, where relationships with labels, producers, composers, and publishers has withstood the test of time in an ever-shifting industry.

Margaret is the owner of Antic Inc. and Antic Music Publishing LLC, which are companies that represent carefully selected in-program and promotional music for television, video game, and feature films. Margaret is also co-founder — with legendary singers/songwriters Wayne Kramer and Billy Bragg — of Jail Guitar Doors USA, a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 charity whose mission finds people who work in America’s prisons who are willing to use music as rehabilitation and provides them with guitars and music programs.

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